Attention serious drummers only:

Who else wants to achieve SPEED beyond their wildest imagination in 6 weeks or less!

Here's what some pro drummers have to say about

VPS: Ultimate Endurance For Drums

  • Dave Diamond Dave Diamond
    (Zen Tricksters, Jason Crosby, Donna Jean Godchaux)
    “When I heard about this I thought... Wow... It’s like P90X for hands, for drummers? It’s direct it says ‘you’re working on your hands,’ but it’s like doing it with a buddy! ”
  • Fernando Menendez Fernando Menendez
    (NY Club Date, Wedding Band, Session Player)
    “This system really takes the guess work out of how to build your hands. What I first noticed about the system was how well put together it is; that it's so practical in its approach and it is so well layed out.
  • Marc Slutsky Marc Slutsky
    (Hugo, Splender, Kylie Minogue, Alexa Ray Joel, Pink, Ben Jelen, Gavin DeGraw, Kill The Alarm, G.E Smith)
    “I Love It!... Very Useful and to the point. It will definately be part of my everyday practice routine

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"To Solve Any Problem, Here Are Three Questions To Ask Yourself:
First, What Could I Do?
Second, What Could I Read?
And Third, Who Could I Ask?"
~ Success Trainer Jim Rohn

...A Special Notes About VPS: Ultimate Endurance For Drums From The Creator Of This System, Jason Fenichel.

Dear Fellow Student of Drumming,

If you've been playing drums for any length of time you know as well as I do that at some point, no matter how hard you work or how much time you practice, you sometimes hit the dreaded...

"SPEED Ceiling"

You just can't seem to get that exercise a little faster or nail that thundering fill just the way you want to. You find yourself struggling, at times to hold a fast groove, blast beat, or blazing ‘Bop’ pattern. Or you have trouble keeping your fills clean, precise, and FAST!!!

Before we get into it, let me ask you a couple of questions.

  • Do you ever watch Mike Mangini, Chris Adler, Mike Portnoy, Gene Hoglan, George Kollias , Derek Roddie or any other metal player and wonder how the h*** they physically got so FAST?
  • Perhaps you look at session drummers like Aaron Spears, Tony Royster Jr., Dave Weckl, Steve Smith or Vinnie Colaiuta (and if you don’t know these guys... you should!) and wonder how they makes it look so effortless and relaxed, while no matter what you do, you look stiff and awkward.
  • Do you notice that while you’re playing your hands get tired, tense or cramp easily?
  • Do you know, and I mean absolutely know, that you can pull off a jaw dropping fill and come right back in “on the one” with military precision with out locking up or running out of steam? (... and I hate to tell you, but the whole world can tell when you can't. All it takes is one miss and everyone thinks “AMATEUR!”)
  • Do you have ideas that sound clean in your head but are messy and unsure around the drums?
  • Have you purchased so called "instructional DVD's" then found they only showcase how fast the featured drummer is, with no real instructional or method for getting you to sound like that?
  • Do you wanna look, sound and feel as good as possible on the drums in the least amount of time possible?

Well if your answer is "yes" to some or all of these questions and if you are serious about studying the drums but are upset by what you just read because it truly hits home, it’s OK because I've been there, and I am ON YOUR SIDE!

The main question you should ask yourself is how serious are you about learning the drums. I’ll be honest… most drummers aren’t. Most don’t “walk their talk.” In fact, I’d say about 95% of people who search for a solution to speed, accuracy, relaxation, and touch don’t make it past the first paragraph of this letter. You might ask yourself why that is. It’s because most people are lazy and just don’t have it in them to take the necessary steps to grow as musicians.

I am Hoping That You Are Not One Of Those People.

I am betting that if you have made it this far, and are taking the time to read forward, you are part of that 5% that are serious about growing on the drums and achieving your goals. If you are, then I challenge you to read through the rest of this site… Not just skimming through it passively, but really reading it and applying the information.

When it comes to studying drums, time is against us. Make sure you are doing the right things and taking advantage of the best shortcuts. This system offers some of those shortcuts. So take a few minutes of your precious practice time to read through the rest of this website and learn from my experience!


Here's What Some Students Are Saying About

VPS: Ultimate Endurance For Drums

Mark Martin - Before and After

Meet Mark Martin! Mark is a pro drummer currently working with the NY Club Band "Behind Closed Doors."

He came to me after investing in"VPS: Ultimate Endurance For Drums," to get some extra help and to have some questions answered...

This video demonstrates the clear difference in Mark's control, balance and speed after running only a few tempos of his ‘Endurance Chart’, just one time!

You can check out Mark performing with his band "Behind Closed Doors" at: WWW.BCDBAND.COM

How It Came To Be... Introducing

VPS: Ultimate Endurance For Drums

These days it seems like everyone is focusing on how to get faster on the drums. The challenge is most drummers are taking big steps in the wrong direction when it comes to actually achieving this.

We can all agree that most drummers think that speed is something you just arrive at by playing in bands, taking lessons for a long amount of time, or genetics.

Well, I’m here to tell you as a professional drummer and instructor for more than 25 ears, that although those things are good, they are not going to make you super fast!

If You Want To Be As Fast As, Or Faster Than Drummers Like:

  • Chris Adler
  • Mike Portnoy
  • Gene Hoglan

  • Derek Roddie
  • Aaron Spears
  • Thomas Pridgen

  • Tony Royster Jr.
  • Dave Weckl
  • Steve Smith
  • Vinnie Colaiuta

  • etc., etc...

... It is a matter of conditioning your muscles.

The real challenge is… I think many of us already know this! In fact, I’m willing to bet that if you have been studying drums for any length of time, in addition to knowing that you should be conditioning your muscles, you also already know exactly what actions you need to take in practice to do that! So the real question is…

Why Aren’t You Doing It?

If you know what the problem is, and you know what you need to do to fix it… Why aren’t you taking those small, consistent, daily actions to practice it!

The answer is… it’s the same reasons why most people, in general, don’t take the steps they need to take to get in shape physically… They don’t go to the gym, run or walk for 20 minutes each day, change their diet to eat healthier, etc…

It’s Too Painful, Boring, Or Aggravating To Do…
Right Now!

Ya know, the old... “I’ll just put it off ‘til later…” and we all know that later never comes. Does this sound familiar?

Finally! There is a solution to the problem of wanting to get super fast on the drums, but not being able to stay on track. The solution was finally discovers in an eye opening encounter with one of my private students! Read on to find out exactly how this came about...

This student was prepared in every way at each lesson, except when it came to these speed building exercises. (Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. In fact, I find the vast majority of drum students suffer from this same affliction.)

Thus my teaching frustration continued... Then at a lesson with one of my students, it hit me. Bill Resvanis was prepared in every way at each lesson, except when it came to these exercises. At this epiphanal lesson, he confessed to me,

"Ya know Jay... when I do this hand chart with you, I stay focused and right on point... I wish I could just afford to come down to the studio each day, in the morning, sit with you and do this exercise. When I'm by myself I just have the hardest time staying focused and getting through it. Basically the end result is I don't do it... even though I KNOW I SHOULD!"

BING!!! Light Bulb! There It Was...

I realized that I needed to find a way to give my students a better system. Not just a "How To" get faster exercise, like each of my teachers did with me in the past, that relied on me to go home and practice it on my own… but a system where I can go through the entire practice / exercise process, each day with my students... hand in hand. Very much like a personal trainer working with someone to help them get in shape... so that is just what I did!


Every book, manual, teacher, DVD, or online course that I've ever seen gives you a brief rundown of the exercise, then expects you to go through it diligently on your own! Of course, this is not impossible...

But Once The Gauntlet Is Thrown Down, How Many Of Us REALLY Do It?

If you think about it, most workout systems like the ones you see on the infomercials these days, talk about "Confusing your muscles" or "Kicking and punching your way to getting in shape." None of these fitness experts are giving you anything new... Hey, a push-up is a push-up. What is great about these simple exercises is that they work! If you do them consistently and in an easy to follow routine, guess what... BIG SHOCK…

Over The Course Of Following The System, You Get In Shape!

Over the past 25 years I have studying with dozens of teachers and painstakingly tested every kind of SPEED development exercise out there. Finally, after a quarter of a century, I have found the ultimate combination for developing the best synergistic neuromuscular reflex results. What this means to you in English is… blinding speed on the drums in the shortest amount of times possible.

Famous martial artist Bruce Lee used synergistic neuromuscular reflex to implement his famous “1-inch punch.” He would hold his fist one inch from his opponent’s chest and explode his hand forward, one-inch, to knock his 200 lb plus opponent to the ground in a single shot.

That’s like delivering the same power that a pro boxer would have after winding up and using his full body and energy to throw his fist forward… but in the space of one inch! Now contained in this single drumming DVD training course are the secrets for you to make yourself into the “Bruce Lee” of the drums!

The actual exercises to develop these techniques on the drums are also fairly simple to do. But it’s doing them correctly and in a consistent way that will change your playing forever!

The goal of this system is to give you that easy to follow routine, make sure you are doing it right, and consistently. It keeps you focused and on track. Best of all it...

  • Allows You To Sit With A Pro-Drummer Every Day In The Privacy Of Your Own Personal Practice Space.
  • Walks You Through The Exercises That Every Drummer Needs To Go Through, Each Day, If You Want To Develop Insane Speed.
  • …Without The Huge Expense Of Having A Pro-Drummer Actually Sit With You Each Day!

Let’s face it, paying a qualified drum teacher to sit with you and practice everyday may be feasible for someone who has complete financial freedom, I guess... but for the rest of us... all you need to do is invest in this system once... and you're done!

For the investment of about a month of normal drum lessons, you can have your own personal drum trainer that will sit with you and help you run these exercises each day, and on your schedule.

Like I Said... The Main Challenges I Found With My Students Were That These Types Of Practices Seemed Boring and Tedious...

Basically... I could rarely get most students to do them consistently on their own. If the student would do it with me in lessons, then they would be fine. But if I wasn't there to help them focus they would report at later lessons:

  • Getting Bored...
  • Getting Called Away...
  • Not Having Enough Time...
  • Forgetting To Do It...

...and the list goes on and on with excuse after excuse of why it just couldn't be done at home!

Now there's no excuse! I've taken the boredom and inability to focus away. All you have to do with this system is put in the DVD and follow along.

Now every drummers can have the same chance to get there hands moving without tension and without limits! Never before has a system been put together designed for the sole purpose of getting your hands in this kind of shape. That is what makes this program so special and unique. Having great hands is so crucial on the drums, and now… finally, there is an easy and effective way to achieve it!


Let's Talk For A Minute About What This System Is NOT...
This Is Not Your Basic "HOW TO PLAY THE DRUMS" Course.

  • Although I do include an "Exercise Manual" and "Introduction DVD," This course is not designed to teach you how to play the drums. The exercises on the Intro DVD simply prime you for the true purpose of this course, which is to develop SPEED, ENDURANCE, and ACCURACY in as short a time as possible.
  • This system is for drummers of all levels and should be done in conjunction with proper training.
  • This system does not replace daily practice or study.
  • This system is not a "magic pill" to make you fast over night. (As I've explained to my students year after year... such a pill does not exist... If it did, I'd buy it in bulk!!! So if you are not into doing your diligence each day with this system, than it will not work for you and is not worthy of the investment.)
  • This system is also not a “go through the exercises, master them and never use this course again...” system. The search for speed and balance is a never-ending task. Although I have set this course up in a 6-week cycle you will continue doing these exercises along with the DVD's for the rest of your drumming career!

This System Is A Daily Drumming Workout Routine That If Done Diligently Each Day Over The Course Of A 6-Week Cycle Will Drastically Improve Your Speed, Endurance, Balance And Touch On The Drums!

Contact our studio @ 646-504-4163
* Email: support@jsonicmusic.com

Open 24 Hours a Day - 7 Days a Week

Place your order online anytime, day or night
* Now accepting international orders as well!

The Top 9 Questions That I'd Be Asking If I Were You...

  1. Do I need a drum set to start this system?

    Nope... all you will need is a good practice pad and a pair of sticks. Now you have no excuse not to keep these exercises going. A drum pad, DVD, and sticks are completely portable!
  2. If I already take private drum lessons do I really need this system?

    As I mentioned earlier, this system does not replace your normal practice or study for that matter. That being said, this system works hand and hand with whatever course of action you are currently taking to develop yourself on the drums. Think of this as yet another weapon in your learning arsenal.
  3. Can I Get This System Or Something Similar From My Private Teacher Or Other Teaching Media?

    Every great drum teacher that I ever studied with had some version of what this system offers. In fact I developed this system as a culmination of exercises given to me by my past teachers as well as my own experience. The challenge with getting these exercises with a private teacher or other teaching medium is, many lack a focused routine to follow. Those that do have the routine, just give you a run down of what to do, then leave it up to you to go through it on your own each day. That's what I used to do, and still do with my private students. That also was the crux of the problem.
  4. Will This System Give Me My Money’$ Worth?

    A single drum lesson with a pro-teacher can range anywhere from $60 to $90 an hour or more! Now imagine sitting with that drum teacher that has one goal in mind for you... Getting you fast... not teaching you rolls, fills, beats or rudiments... just getting you move faster on the drums. How much would it cost to have that teacher come over every day to hold your hand, keep you motivated, and help you stay on track (like a personal trainer). Let's say for six weeks... That's potentially $65 a day for 42 days or... $2,730 For 6 Weeks Of Drum Training? If you make this investment at about 1/14th the cost above, you will have a SPEED building system, dedicated to drummers, that will give you a lifetime of amazing results!!!
  5. How Do I Know That I Will Get Results?

    The same way that you know, if you go to the gym each day and work out with an organized routine that pushes your physicality, you will get stronger and/or lose weight. Even better if you have a coach pushing you! That is what you have with this system... except instead of working out your body you are working out your hands on the drum pad. My job is to push you and to help you stay focused.
  6. Is there a point where I will level off and hit a physical, speed ceiling?

    It is possible to plateau... I was doing these exercises in my younger study for years before I hit what seemed to be my "speed limit." No matter how much I practiced these systems, I couldn't seem to break that certain speed on the chart. It was very frustrating!... I finally went to a master drummer who had some of the fastest hands I've ever seen. When I got to the lesson I explained my problem and asked him, "Have I just hit my genetic ceiling for speed? Are my muscles just incapable of getting stronger or faster?" His response (after laughing his *ss off) was... "Genetic ceiling? That's the funniest thing I've heard in a long time... and NO, there is no genetic ceiling." Then he helped me realize exactly what I was doing wrong with my form and how it was actually sabotaging my speed, and not allowing my muscles to get stronger. Which bring us to our next question...
  7. How will I know if I am making those same mistakes that might cause someone to level off or even hurt themselves?

    Well, to make sure that you avoid making those same mistakes that I made as a young player, I have included a comprehensive "Exercise Manual" and "Introduction DVD" that go through, in detail all of the secrets that I learned, to avoid hitting that drummer ceiling. This will allow you to get as fast and as comfortable as you are committed to getting.
  8. Can I really hurt myself if I tried these exercises without proper training?

    YES... Another reason why you have to be so careful when you are doing these exercises and why you should have proper instruction, is... the muscles and tendons that control your fingers and wrists could be strong, but they are also delicate. Any repeated motion with poor form or tension could cause serious wrist problem over time such as "Tendonitis" or "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome." Neither of which you want to experience, so make sure that you study the manual and the Introduction DVD to be certain that you are executing these systems correctly.
  9. I just bought a different drum-training course... Will that give me the same results as this system?

    I've seen a lot of courses out there on "How To Play" the drums. A lot of them are great... some not so much... The challenge I have with most of these types of courses is they try to focus on every aspect of drums in one shot. They all seem to have a “cover everything approach.” You get pieces of information about each topic. Many also lack focus on a particular method of teaching. They also never seem to be as comprehensive as they advertise. You have probably heard the old adage..."The doer of everything, is a master of nothing!" The Reality is, that's what you get with a lot of those "learning drums" courses.

This System Is Designed To Do One Thing... MAKE YOU FAST!!!

...And because of that fact, we can all agree that VPS: Ultimate Endurance For Drums is the perfect companion to any other teaching system that you may already have been exposed to.


Here's what you'll get with

VPS: Ultimate Endurance For Drums

Gaining Speed, Balance, and Control are some of the most important things to study consistently on the drums.Yet no one is offering a good, focused system on how to achieve this in a quick and easy way… until now! Here's what you'll receive with this awesome package...

  1. Drummer's Exercise Manual:

    This exercise manual is 33 pages of comprehensive drum instruction that focus on one thing... making sure you practice these systems correctly to ensure that you get the best results without hurting yourself. It also provides exercises that directly correspond to your "Introduction DVD." This first DVD maps out the systems and takes you through some preliminary exercises
  2. DVD 1 - Introduction:

    This first DVD maps out the systems and takes you through some preliminary exercises. This way you have a visual demonstration of each technique as you try to apply. I find this extremely helpful with my private students. It is best to go through this DVD along with your "Drummer's Exercise Manual." The manual will prompt you to view the corresponding chapter on the DVD.
  3. DVD 2 - Endurance Chart:

    This next DVD gets us into our workout. It is designed, as the name suggests, to build ENDURANCE. This workout takes up to 45 minutes or whatever you can handle. It will work on all of the fine muscles in your wrists and fingers to develop speed, power, control and balance... eventually conditioning your hands to have machine like power.
  4. DVD 3 - The Moeller Chart (Intermediate):

    The Moeller Chart (which I named after the famous motion technique cultivated by Sanford A. Moeller) is an exercise to help you shut down your muscles and achieve speed and balance by controlling the kinetic energy of the stick through motion, not physical power! Taking up to 30 minutes, this system is for the intermediate drummer who is working through the motions slowly to gain control over it.
  5. DVD 4 - The Moeller Chart (Advanced):

    This next version of the Moeller Chart is for the drummer who has mastered the Moeller technique slowly and now wants to push the speed envelope. This workout takes up to 30 minutes or whatever you can handle, and is effectively doing the opposite of what the "Endurance Chart" does. While the "Endurance Chart" is building muscle and power, this system is building relaxation, balance, and control. Put these two systems together... and you're a monster around the kit!
  6. Six Weeks Of Endurance Practice Charts:

    These charts are outlined in your Drummer's Exercise Manual and are crucial in documenting your results. I don't know about you but when I try a new system I want proven, documented results. These charts are vital to keeping yourself on track over your chosen 6-week cycle. They tell you directly how much endurance you have developed.
  7. Six Weeks Of Moeller Practice Charts:

    These charts are to help you keep track of your progress with the Moeller Charts. When you follow the 6-week cycle outlined in the course you will be alternating between these two types of charts, simultaneously building strength and relaxation.

As a special Bonus you will also receive...

  • BONUS #1 - "The 6-Aspects Of Drumming" with Jason Fenichel DVD:

    This DVD is an in depth look at the 6-Aspects of mastering the drums... Rhythm, Accent, Sticking, Coordination, Reading Music, and Ear Training. Originally sold on-line and through my live drum clinics. A $20 Value... FREE!!!
  • BONUS #2 - Credit for 1-Month FREE Membership At:

    The Drummer's Almanac
    ...where you will join a very select and dedicated group of drummers who really put their playing on the line! We rigorously practice these NO B.S. Drum Workouts for 1-hour Each Day, Mon - Fri. That’s more than 20 Sessions FREE!!! Some drummers join me LIVE in the mornings, or later OnDemand! One caviot... this is for SERIOUS DRUMMERS ONLY ...who are REALLY looking to get better. We don't want talkers here... we want WALKERS! (Of course, there is no obligation to continue and you can cancel anytime.) A $20 Value... FREE!!!
  • BONUS #3 - Enrollment In A One- Year Suscription To "Drum Tips," Our Online Newsletter:

    I am including a subscrption to "Drum Tips." Join the hundreds of drummers on my mailing list who receive free information on new drumming topics, a feature profiles of famous drummers, feature one of Jason's students each month, the latest information and deals on new J-Sonic Music products and services, and much more!!! A $20 Per Year Value... FREE!!!
  • BONUS #4 - A One-On-One Video Chat Session:

    No matter WHERE you are in the world, I want to take the opportunity to meet you and check out your playing first hand! Included with this package, you will be sent a credit for one FACE-TO-FACE Chat session, online with me, Jay Fenichel. The session will last up to 30 minutes where we’ll go over things like your form, your set up, to checking your progress with this system. A $65 Value... FREE!!!


If You Want To Start Getting Your Hands In Shape
As Soon As Possible, Here's The Next Step!

This proven system is the way drummers have developed speed for generations! Now, I am presenting a new way for you to practice these techniques... so you will stay focused... so you can stay on track... and finally, so you can achieve the SPEED you have always dreamed of on the drums!

A single drum lesson with a pro-teacher can range anywhere from $60 to $90 an hour or more! Now imagine sitting with that drum teacher that has one goal in mind for you... Getting you fast... not teaching you rolls, fills, beats or rudiments... just getting you move fast on the drums. How much would it cost to have that teacher come over every day to hold your hand, keep you motivated, and help you stay on track (like a personal trainer). Let's say for six weeks... A teacher might charge $65 a day for 42 days or...

$2,730 For 6 Weeks Of Drum Training?

Such a thing is unheard of and completely impossible for 99% of us. I could easily ask $1000 or more for this course. After all...

It's Like Having A "Drumming Personal Trainer" Sit With You Everyday... Forever!

...But, we're not asking you to pay $1000 not even $600... The total investment for this course is $397.00 ... But again... because this course is new and I am so excited to share this system with drummers all over the world, for a limited time I am reducing the price again and offering a $100 discount. You can have your own drumming personal training system for the one time investment of:

$397.00 - $100 =


...which has been the price of the course all through last year. However, with the launch of our new website
“The Drummer’s Almanac”

We are are slicing the cost again another $50!!!

So to receive the full VPS: Ultimate Endurance For Drums System and all the bonuses and for a limited time you’ll pay:


(plus shipping and handling)

Imagine Having Your Own "Drumming Personal Trainer" Workout With You Everyday For Roughly The Price Of A Decent Cymbal!

This Package Also Includes Our Iron Clad, No B.S., No Questions Asked, Better Than Risk Free, 6-Week Money Back Guarantee!

Feel free to go through an entire six-week cycle of my program, RISK-FREE! I guarantee that if you follow your selected routine, your hands will be faster and stronger by leaps and bounds.

If you don't find your results to be astonishing,

and your hands don't feel and sound better than

they ever have in your entire life, please send this course back to me and receive a 100% full refund.

The reason that I am so confident that you will absolutely fall in love with these exercises, and the subsequent results that will follow, is... I have been honing and teaching these techniques to my students for over 15 years and their results speak for themselves. Every student who has made a habit of this system has developed tremendous speed, balance and control! That's a 100% success rate! And...you can't argue with 100%.

Contact our studio Phone: 646-504-4163 or E-mail: support@jsonicmusic.com

So, please take advantage of this essential practicing tool and watch your hands explode to life! You definitely won't regret it! This system is backed by an iron clad 100% risk-free guarantee, so you truly have nothing to lose by trying it!

I challenge you to become the best drummer you can possibly be, and I'd love to hear about your results! Please enjoy this system... Best of luck... and stay in touch!

Warmest Regards, Jason Fenichel J-Sonic Music Inc.

PS - This entire package will arrive at your door within a matter of days, and will include everything we've covered here, including: Your binder containing four DVD's, Drummer's Instructional Manual & Charts. Also, your bonuses "The 6 Aspects of Drums" along with instructions on how to activate your trial membership to my support website: thedrummersalmanac.com ...and your FREE subscription to "Drum Tips" newsletter... all included at no extra cost!

PPS - I really do love feedback from drummers, so please feel free to get in touch with my studio and let us know how you are doing!

Contact Our Studio

@: 646-504-4163
* E-mail: support@jsonicmusic.com

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